Book of Snark: Launch

Coming 10-10-20- Book of Snark LIVE!

Book of Snark is a collection of anti-affirmation feminist satire, a parody of motivational self-help books, pages of punchlines that describe the day to day life of an unimpressed, middle aged female professional, who commutes by bus. This is my first published work of satire. The launch date is set for October 10, 2020.

Now, book launches might be considered book promotion but really, especially for independent authors, it’s an excuse to have a party. A ‘birthday party’ for the ‘book baby’, a term I despise almost as much as ‘fur baby’, but both still less annoying than a dog in a dress.

Anyway, the book does deserve some kind of celebration, some kind of recognition for the years spent agonizing over it, to finally set it free in the world to do whatever work it was meant to do. Or at least whatever work it can do in the age of marketing saturation and active suppression of organic reach.

What, me cynical?

A party would be fun even if it would cost more than what the book will probably earn. Celebrating the art, the creation, the expression- that has value too. As long as you acknowledge that a book launch party is only going to cost you money, and is not a way to make money, you’re good.

In researching ideas for a book launch, I came across some crazy suggestions that were better suited for planning a baby shower (*see ‘book baby’ comments above). Custom printed banners, cases of wine, stacks of hundreds of books to be used as props. It’s as if a party planner were selling services to a naive first time author, with no real notion that if said author sold 350 copies in the first year they would be ahead of the game. Hopefully, these people have a place to store their boxes of unsold books.

I’ll say it again, for those in the back: there is no money in writing.

Besides it’s 2020 and COVID-19 is real and deadly. I have suspended my regular social dinner parties, so I am unfortunately not going to be able to have one for my first book either. But many friends have been waiting for literally years for me to finally pull it together and start producing books. They want a party. Hell, I want a party!

So, my ‘launch party’ will consist of a ½ hour FaceBook Live event at 1pm on Saturday October 10, 2020. BYOB.

This will allow all my fans across the USA and internationally to tune in. I’m serious, I have international fans that are not just web crawlers! I promise I will bring my formidable public speaking skills and not make you watch me awkwardly sign books. It will be recorded so if you miss it, you can check it out whenever.

Here are the links to share widely:

“Be there or be… whatever really…” -Book of Snark 9.4.3

-Copyright C.M.Mounts, September 2020

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