107418343_715689439007922_7036039877379815178_nI write, travel, and cycle as much as a working schlub like me can manage. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been told I am a funny gal with a big personality. Meh.

This website contains a variety of original content, fiction and non-fiction, all written by me: essays, travel logs, poetry, etc. I use it as the avenue to self-publish my work, writing that would otherwise wither in dusty notebooks in a beat-up cardboard box.

I had great good plans in 2014 to blog new and brilliant content a couple times a week. That aspiration promptly died. I got better plans to blog my original work at least once a month- considering I have original work that spans a couple decades that no one has ever seen. It may not be fresh but I will make sure it doesn’t stink. I will always post its vintage year in the copyright.

If you choose to read it, you have no one to blame but yourself.

You can contact me at cmmounts@gmail.com

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