Blank_book_on_a_tableTitle Forthcoming

I am nearing publication of a book of satire intended specifically for people like me: Working professional women who’ve had just about enough of this shit.

Coming Fall 2020




Empty hospital bed with bowl of popcorn on the standPopcorn from the Void: Observations, Manic Kvetching, and the Raw Truth of Leukemia by Todd Park

Popcorn from the Void is the raw and intense memoir of Todd Park’s 10-month leukemia treatment- from diagnosis to untimely death. Through wit and wisdom, he helps us to understand the arduous journey of a bone marrow transplant, what daily life is really like for blood cancer patients and their families, and is an example of how to live and die well: with courage, with dignity, and with unfailing hope in the face of incredible odds and powerful medicine.

Published July 2017