Travel Log

Great American Road Trip- Part 8 (October 2017) Friday, August 4 ~ MT (740 Miles) & Saturday, August 5 ~ MT-ND-MN (619 Miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 7 (October 2017) Tuesday, August 1 to Thursday, August 3, 2017 ~ MT

Great American Road Trip- Part 6 (September 2017) Sunday, July 30 ~ OR-WA (295 Miles) & Monday July 31, 2017 ~ WA-MT (518 Miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 5 (September 2017) Tuesday, July 25 to Saturday, July 29, 2017 ~ ID-OR (604 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 4 (September 2017) Monday, July 24, 2017 ~ WY-UT-ID (455 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 3 (September 2017) Sunday, July 23, 2017 ~ SD-WY (605 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 2 (August 2017) Saturday, July 22, 2017 ~ MN-SD (519 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 1 (August 2017)  4,500 miles, over 15 days, through 9 states all by myself


To Edit a Book (August 2017) A book is a story but there is also the story of how it was created. This is the tale of how I took 180K of raw material and turned it into a published book.

Artist Life (May 2017) Opinion piece about not giving up on your artist life.


Popcorn from the Void: Observations, Manic Kvetching, and the Raw Truth of Leukemia
Written by Todd Park, Edited by C.M.Mounts


Isolation (June 2017) To move on from difficult times

RAGBRAI (May 2017) Cycling experience

Nursing Home (February 2017): Life in a nursing home

Caregiver (April 2017): Life after a medical crisis

Affinity (April 2017): Relationships

High Romance (April 2017): Desire

Cycle (April 2017): Cycling experience

Bitter Fruit (April 2017): Passage of time

Young Love (March 2016): In love in your 20’s

Sands of Time (May 2016): Make time for art

Closure (April 2017): To move on from difficult times

Summer Wind (February 2017): Nature

Ghost Inside (January 2017): Body language and relationships

Philosophic Tragedy (March 2017): Unrequited love

Something Worth Letting Go  (January 2015): House fire

12th Month (December 2003): Nature

Lady of Green Glen (October 2003): Phenomenon

The Drive (October 2003): Travel and moving


Tongue Twister (September 2008): Infomercial sells tongue clamp; Includes possible uses and a sure-fire formula to go from rags to riches.

Glamorous (August 2016): Lonely office worker meets female impersonator in a jewelry shop who inspires her to fulfill her dream to become a burlesque dancer.

Laundry Day (December 2014): Drunk, racist bully enters confrontation with two women at a laundromat.

Blood, tips, and Gore (November 2014): Would be rock star seeks revenge against the PMRC for the Parental Advisory sticker that banned his record from Catholic college radio.

The Wedding (Mach 2014): Wedding day mishaps for an unusual couple in love.


Corner Café (January 2017): Scenes from a corner café where people from all walks of life mix together through time.

Red Letter Day (January 2017): Memories of a lonely heart’s unrequited love.

Thanksgiving (January 2015): Tragic death amplified by the holiday season- third-person omnipresent narrator (related to ‘In Thanksgiving’ post).

California, ND 58010 (December 2014): Scenes set in contrast between growing up in North Dakota and living adult life on the California coast.

In Thanksgiving (November 2014): Tragic death amplified by the holiday season- first-person child narrator (Related to ‘Thanksgiving’ post).

Hunter Green (November 2014): Exploration of difficult relationship between a father and son.