Travel Log

RAGBRAI 2015: (July 2018) My training journey from non-cyclist to riding my bike across the state of Iowa in 7 days.

Travel Log: Thunder Bay, ON: (June 2018) Weekend adventure along the north shore of Lake Superior with mom.

Single, White, Professional, Female- in Kansas City, April 2018: Business travel to Kansas City, MO

Great American Road Trip- Part 8 (October 2017) Friday, August 4 ~ MT (740 Miles) & Saturday, August 5 ~ MT-ND-MN (619 Miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 7 (October 2017) Tuesday, August 1 to Thursday, August 3, 2017 ~ MT

Great American Road Trip- Part 6 (September 2017) Sunday, July 30 ~ OR-WA (295 Miles) & Monday July 31, 2017 ~ WA-MT (518 Miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 5 (September 2017) Tuesday, July 25 to Saturday, July 29, 2017 ~ ID-OR (604 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 4 (September 2017) Monday, July 24, 2017 ~ WY-UT-ID (455 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 3 (September 2017) Sunday, July 23, 2017 ~ SD-WY (605 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 2 (August 2017) Saturday, July 22, 2017 ~ MN-SD (519 miles)

Great American Road Trip- Part 1 (August 2017)  4,500 miles, over 15 days, through 9 states all by myself


Popcorn from the Void: one-year anniversary: (July 2018) I am the editor of this book but have also conducted marketing campaigns to promote it. This is the story of how that’s turned out.

Mid-year review: Jan-Jun 2018: (July 2018) My writing life

Month in review: May 2018: My writing life, such as it is

Usual Early Morning Stuff (February 2018): My writing practice

I See You (July 2016): Visiting the ICU…

Month in review: April 2018: My writing life

Month in review: March 2018: My writing life

High Water (January 2018): Trauma and moving on

P.S. 2017 (January 2018): End of year reflection on my writing life

To Edit a Book (August 2017): A book is a story but there is also the story of how it was created. This is the tale of how I took 180K of raw material and turned it into a published book.

Artist Life (May 2017): Opinion piece about not giving up on your artist life.


Popcorn from the Void: Observations, Manic Kvetching, and the Raw Truth of Leukemia
Written by Todd Park, Edited by C.M.Mounts


Loneliness (December 2017): Isolation

Auto (May 2017): Life choices

Your eyes, My breath (April 2017): Romance

Scars (January 2018): Moving on from difficult times

Summer’s End (August 2017): Life after a medical crisis

Perfect World (October 2017): Ideal writing life

Wayside (October 2017): Cycling manage depression

Breaker (June 2018): Moving on with a broken heart

Silent Goodbyes (September 2017): Missed connection

Ginger (June 2018): Love of food, friends, and family

Soaked in Crimson (March 2018): College days

Drifting in at Night (March 2018): Peace in solitude

Movement (April 2003): Forced relocation

Across Water (May 2016): Family relationships

Paris With You (February 2018): Travel & Relationships

Blue Sheet of Sky (October 2017): Desire

Small (January 2018): Abusive relationships

Morning Light (September 2017): Unrequited love

Boil (October 2017): Abusive relationships

Magic (January 2018): Relationships and nature

Authentic (June 2017): Human behavior

New Moon (August 2017): Relationships

Closing Time (August 2015): Relationships

1st World Problems (August 2017): Life in the USA

Life Is (June 2017): Relationships

Friday Morning (August 2017): Travel and nature

Isolation (June 2017): Moving on from difficult times

RAGBRAI (May 2017): Cycling experience

Nursing Home (February 2017): Life in a nursing home

Caregiver (April 2017): Life after a medical crisis

Affinity (April 2017): Relationships

High Romance (April 2017): Desire

Cycle (April 2017): Cycling experience

Bitter Fruit (April 2017): Passage of time

Young Love (March 2016): In love in your 20’s

Sands of Time (May 2016): Make time for art

Closure (April 2017): To move on from difficult times

Summer Wind (February 2017): Nature

Ghost Inside (January 2017): Body language and relationships

Philosophic Tragedy (March 2017): Unrequited love

Something Worth Letting Go  (January 2015): House fire

12th Month (December 2003): Nature

Lady of Green Glen (October 2003): Phenomenon

The Drive (October 2003): Travel and moving


Tongue Twister (September 2008): Infomercial sells tongue clamp; Includes possible uses and a sure-fire formula to go from rags to riches.

Glamorous (August 2016): Lonely office worker meets female impersonator in a jewelry shop who inspires her to fulfill her dream to become a burlesque dancer.

Laundry Day (December 2014): Drunk, racist bully enters confrontation with two women at a laundromat.

Blood, tips, and Gore (November 2014): Would be rock star seeks revenge against the PMRC for the Parental Advisory sticker that banned his record from Catholic college radio.

The Wedding (Mach 2014): Wedding day mishaps for an unusual couple in love.


What is yours? (December 2017): Existential reflection on the state of a writers life

Baggage (December 2017): Life as a long married couple

Corner Café (January 2017): Scenes from a corner café where people from all walks of life mix together through time.

Red Letter Day (January 2017): Memories of a lonely heart’s unrequited love.

Thanksgiving (January 2015): Tragic death amplified by the holiday season- third-person omnipresent narrator (related to ‘In Thanksgiving’ post).

California, ND 58010 (December 2014): Scenes set in contrast between growing up in North Dakota and living adult life on the California coast.

In Thanksgiving (November 2014): Tragic death amplified by the holiday season- first-person child narrator (Related to ‘Thanksgiving’ post).

Hunter Green (November 2014): Exploration of difficult relationship between a father and son.