Slices of citrus fruit on blue background

Bitter Fruit

The years pass
In two’s and three’s

You still are as you were
Softer, harder

Not bitter, so bitter that
No one calls or visits
Or wants to talk to you

You are given a choice everyday
Where you want to go
What you want to do

If it is to be enraged
Yet one more day
About what might have been
You are free to do so

But the years will pass
In two’s and three’s

Walking the treadmill
Money in, money out
Sex maybe, food always
Death upon death upon death

Pick the dandelions while you might
Blow them into the wind

-Copyright C.M. Mounts, April 2017

3 thoughts on “Bitter Fruit

  1. Karla Scheiner

    Genuine. Stark and generous. “In two’s and three’s” feels good, like handfuls of foliage as one wades through the thicket. A powerful and conscious pivot by which to effect a change in direction.


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