In Thanksgiving

My dad is great. We did nothing but watch football all day today. Sometimes, my dad will sit all day and play video games with me. He’s been off work for a while on account of him being sick. He cries a lot at night when he stares at the pictures. He doesn’t think I can hear but I hear a lot on the couch. I pretend I’m scared and knock on his door, “Hey dad, can I sleep with you tonight?”

My mom is great. She came and ate dinner with me and dad- just the three of us like we were all living together again. She even sat for a while reading a book so dad and I could watch the football games. That was until she took me back home. I begged her for me to stay but I have to do this stupid homework. They actually assigned us readings and an essay ‘What I did for the Thanksgiving holiday’- can you believe that?

The turkey was great. Grandma brought it late yesterday and it was still frozen. We had to put it in the bathtub to soak so that it would be thawed by this morning. Dad started talking about how my uncle had gotten shot and how he couldn’t stand him not being there for dinner so he took a handful of pills and lay there sleeping on the bathroom tile all night. He told me that he was making sure the cat wasn’t going to eat the turkey out of the tub.

That bird sure was juicy though. My uncle always said that dad cooked a mean bird.

My dad is great.

-Copyright C.M. Mounts, November 2014

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